What is a Sober Home?

The Challenges of Entering Recovery

When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, sooner or later it can easily become the most important thing in their life. Addiction can affect their work, their relationships, their overall health, and many other areas of their life. That is why when an individual makes the choice to fight their disease and make a positive, permanent change in their life it is important for them to find the best care that fits their individual needs.

Many addicts and alcoholics balk at entering rehab and beginning their recovery leaning on a long list of excuses. The location of rehab programs, affordability, the length or timing of the programs, and a myriad of other reasons why it's not the right time to enter rehab and begin their recovery are used by addicts and alcoholics every day. One question, or really two, that often come up are where will they live when they complete rehab and if brought up, what is a sober home. The second question answers the first, but a further explanation may make things clear.

What is a Sober Home?

There are a few variations on the nomenclature used, but a sober home, or sober living home, sober living house, or sober living environment is a place that can be used as a Segway for recently sober addicts and alcoholics to live after leaving an inpatient rehab program but before they fully return to mainstream society. Each person fighting addiction has a unique battle on their hands and finding the best sober living homes for their situation can be a key to their long-term sobriety. The very first item to mention when answering what is a sober home is it is an alcohol and drug-free living environment where the use or, in most every case, the possession of drugs or alcohol is forbidden.

This is as much for the protection and well-being of the individual as it is for the rest of the people living in the home. Most homes are not co-ed, as it is easier to manage an environment of single-sex occupants. The best sober living homes in any given area should all be investigated when a person is looking for someplace to help them transition into a life a sobriety. Quitting using drugs or alcohol in the first place will always be the hardest part of rehab and recovery, but there are many challenges along the way and finding out about sober living and which are the best sober living homes for you is a great way to help ensure your success.

Why Live in a Sober Home

In many cases, a recovering addict or alcoholic who has been in an inpatient rehab program cannot return to their prior living situation and believe they are going to remain sober. If other family members, friends, or loved ones use drugs or drink, even recreationally and are not addicted, it can put a tremendous strain on a newly clean and sober addict. A sober home is the perfect place to regroup and get your feet back under yourself while you figure out where your future will take you.

Do you need to find a new place to live? A new job that is in a different area of the state or region? Are there other family members that will be supportive of your clean and sober lifestyle? These are all questions that you can take your time answering while you are living in a sober home among other people who are all working towards the same goals as you.

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