The Steps of Addiction Recovery Coral Springs FL

The definition of denial is when you deny the reality of your addiction because you don't want to deal with the unpleasantness of quitting. You've convinced yourself to continue drinking or using because that is easier than quitting, but you know this is a fallacy that will end in your death unless you call for professional help to determine your next step and to help you admit you have an addiction problem. Your addiction recovery brings the same stages of feelings as when someone you love dies (developed by the Kubler-Ross model):

  • Denial – when you lose a loved one at first you can't accept it just like you can't accept the fact that you are an addict, which means you need help. Remember an Addiction Recovery Center in Coral Springs Florida is ready to help you accept the reality of your dependence for liquor or drugs.
  • Anger – you are angry that you've lost your loved one and you are certainly full of rage because you need rehabilitation for your addiction, call (877) 804-1531 to help you with your recovery.
  • Bargaining – when you lose someone you love, you pray and want a second chance to be with him or her. As an addict you are telling yourself and others you don't have a problem or you can quit on your own.
  • Depression – losing a loved one is depressing and sad. When you use drugs and you realize you can't bargain your way of this, you'll feel depressed because you are responsible for your addiction issues.
  • Acceptance – eventually after losing someone you somehow find peace and you are able to move on. As a drug user you eventually accept the fact that you need rehab in Coral Springs Florida. This doesn't mean it will be easy, it just means you are ready to start your recovery so call (877) 804-1531 to begin your healing. When you start reeling from the fact that you are an addict your range of emotions may vary. You will probably experience denial first because that is the most logical. Think about it, you've been smoking, snorting, inhaling, drinking or injecting for quite some time and you've convinced yourself you don't have a problem. After denying you have a problem, your emotions will run the gamut, from mad, acceptance and maybe more denial. Now that you understand your feelings you need to identify why you need an Addiction Recovery facility in Coral Springs. You were with friends, peer pressure or boredom, for some reason you experimented with drugs and now you don't believe you can live without using. There aren't any friends around nudging you along and you've long forgotten what boredom is because your mind is obsessed with drugs, from how you are going to afford your next fix to becoming high to crashing and back to worrying about your next fix. You are on a merry go around and with each ride the speed accelerates until you fall off because you can't sustain this ride forever.

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