Synthetic Marijuana Drug Rehab in Coral Springs

The use and abuse of synthetic marijuana is on the rise in the United States, and it has resulted in a need for synthetic marijuana drug rehab in Coral Springs. Although people from all age groups and backgrounds use the drug, it's most popular with young adults. In fact, synthetic marijuana is second in use only to marijuana among Americans under 24 years old.

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What is Synthetic Marijuana?

As the name implies, synthetic marijuana attempts to mimic the effects of marijuana. While it does produce mind-altering effects, the actual experience is often quite different from that of cannabis.

The reason for this is the components used to create it. Because actual marijuana can't be used, a number of substitutes are used instead. These include both dried plant material as well as synthetic cannabinoid compounds. The combination of these ingredients is what causes the mind-altering effects.

The big problem with synthetic marijuana is that many people consider it a safe alternative to marijuana. Indeed, the manufacturers push this idea. Spice was even legal in most states for many years. It could be found in gas stations, head shops, and even on the Internet. While it's no longer legal to buy, sell, or possess, the drug is still easily accessible.

Effects of Synthetic Marijuana

The effects of spice are similar to those of marijuana. It causes an elevated mood, increased relaxation, and an altered perception. It also comes with the negative effects of marijuana including anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations. One of the most dangerous aspects of spice is that it often makes these negative effectives stronger than those of marijuana.

A growing number of people have experienced health complications resulting from the use of synthetic marijuana. These include rapid heart rate and vomiting in addition to the agitation and hallucinations discussed above. It's also been shown that regular users experience withdrawals when they go without the drug.


Coral Springs recovery programs such as individual and group therapy can help patients determine why they started using synthetic marijuana. They are also encouraged to attend a local Narcotics Anonymous meeting ( Don't let synthetic marijuana take over your life. Call addiction recovery centers in Coral Springs today for more information regarding treatment centers in Coral Springs.

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