Flakka Most Common in Broward County

Broward County leads the nation for the most flakka cases, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. Forensic labs analyzed 477 cases involving the synthetic drug scientifically known as alpha-PVP in Broward in 2014. With a population of 1.8 million, the county had a rate of 27 cases per every 100,000 residents. Jim Hall, an epidemiologist at Nova Southeastern University and Broward's flakka expert, said he doesn't think there's any definitive answer as to why the county has emerged as a hotbed for flakka.

This synthetic stimulant that looks very similar to seal salt or crystal meth is highly unpredictable and dangerous, and it usually causes hyperthermia, hallucinations and adrenaline-like strength. If you think you might have an addiction to this volatile drug, call drug treatment centers Coral Springs to learn more about your options.

On Drug Addiction and Treatment

Scientists have discovered that individuals with a drug addiction have a brain disorder characterized by compulsive drug use despite the horrific side effects. The concept of addiction as a brain disease is related to the compulsiveness and self-harm combined with an end result which can be devastating.

Each phase of treatment may overlap with others, but the addiction and treatment is not of set duration. The idea is to keep the addict focused on his or her recovery and not be rushed or have idle time. When the treatment is completed, the addict is ready to re-enter society. Every addict's length of treatment will vary depending on his or her unique circumstances.

Signs And Symptoms of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse, especially that of flakka, has many noticeable characteristics. If you notice that you have experienced this yourself or with a loved one, it could be beneficial to seek an addiction rehabilitation program. The behavioral traits for drug abuse include one or more of the following:

  • Individuals constantly arguing with their spouse or children about drinking.
  • They miss work or call in sick frequently.
  • Loss of motivation to keep up with good hygiene.
  • Craving the substance
  • Canceling on social activities such as activities with friends or family because they don't want to be ridiculed.
  • Sober days are followed by relapse or meltdowns.
  • Family and friends try to discuss their abuse problems but the addict refuses to listen.
  • Withdrawal when sober for a short period, shaking hands, sweating, and mood swings.
  • When they first started using, they only did on the weekends. Now they use every day.

Detox centers in Coral Springs can help you with your flakka addiction, as well as Gold Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous (http://www.goldcoastna.org/meetings). Call today to hear your options for addiction treatment.


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