Coral Springs Addiction Intervention

The Coral Springs addiction intervention program involves confronting a friend or family member in a non-threatening way to discuss his or her drug or alcohol use and suggest that the person enter a rehabilitation program. Addiction intervention can involve just a few members of close family, or it can be conducted under the guidance of a trained intervention specialist. The goal of an addiction intervention is not to convince the person to immediately stop using addictive substances. A successful intervention will gently highlight the effect that the person's addiction is having on friends and family and discuss the best course of action for getting help.

If your loved one is suffering from a drug addiction they should enroll in rehab right away. Coral Springs addiction recovery centers can help you find the rehab that is right for you. Call (877) 804-1531 for more information.

How to Conduct an Intervention

Before going through with an addiction intervention, it is important to have a clear plan of exactly what will happen during the process. Friends and family of the addict should sit down together to share information about how the addiction has affected them personally. Each person should rehearse what they would like to say to the addicted person on the day. An ultimatum should also be decided upon if the addicted person refuses to seek treatment such as being asked to leave the home or break all contact.

Formal Vs. Informal Intervention

An informal intervention can be carried out without the addicted person realizing what is going on. One person can volunteer to have an informal chat with the addicted person and gently bring up the subject of his or her addiction and the negative effects it has. A formal addiction intervention involves friends and family meeting at a pre-arranged venue to confront the person together along with a Coral Springs addiction specialist if required.

Different Types Of Intervention

There are many different types of addiction intervention that can be useful in various situations:

Direct Intervention - A direct intervention involves telling the addicted person of all the negative effects the addiction is having and informing him of the consequences if he does not seek help.

Indirect Intervention - This type of intervention is less confrontational and attempts to find ways for the family to work together to find ways to help an addicted person.

ARISE Intervention - An ARISE intervention is a mixture of both direct and indirect addiction intervention techniques and is considered to be the most successful model.

If you require help to plan an addiction intervention for a loved one, get help from specialists. Addicts with a history of mental health problems or violent behavior should never be confronted without the assistance of an addiction specialist.

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